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Welcome Officer Parker to the Family!

Written by Brave Officers on December 20, 2019

Officer Parker is a current police officer with a huge story behind him.  Officer Parker became an internet sensation after a foot chase that was caught on a news helicopter, but it is the story behind Parker that drew the most attention. What we didn’t know was that Officer Parker struggled many years of his life. His father left him at and early age all the while his single mother had to raise 6 kids alone.  Through his posts, Officer Parker tells his story how he went from the the world telling him his dreams were not possible, to being on to the big screens of Hollywood. Parker, now a current Police Officer , with a serious following, uses his social media to inspire others to follow their dreams and to forge forward regardless of circumstance. He uses his story to bridge the gap between Law Enforcement officers and to show the world that change begins with one step.

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