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Deputy Missdemeanor has joined the Family!

Written by Brave Officers on January 15, 2020

Deputy Missdemeanor has been protecting and serving as a California law enforcement officer since 2014. Missdemeanor has a passion for using creative content and social media to portray law enforcement officers in a positive life by highlighting their human aspects and positive interactions with the community. After beginning her social media journey in 2017 with comical police content, Deputy Missdemeanor has been lucky enough to work alongside the non-profit organization Humanizing the Badge to make a real impact on the public perception of law enforcement officers. She has traveled the country meeting with law enforcement officers, citizens and the youth to increase understanding, reduce mistrust and bridge the gap between them. Missdemeanor also loves using her social media presence to give a voice to female police officers and empower young ladies dreaming of a career in law enforcement to accomplish their goals.